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Swords of Iron: Incredible Community and Business Initiatives

Many of our friends will have seen the overwhelming community spirit and large number of civil and business initiatives established in the wake of the 7 October 2023 terror attacks on Israel.  There is no shortage of extremely worth causes (many philanthropic causes can be seen here).  In addition, many of Israel’s leading law firms have come together to create Lawyers for Israel STAND WITH HUMANITY to provide updates and legal commentary on ongoing events.

One project we have decided to highlight is ReGrow Israel, an emergency – a farmers’ fund, coordinated by the Volcani International Partnerships, and focused on post-war agricultural support for Israeli farming communities devastated in the 7 October 2023 attacks. The fund is targeting US $100m and was launched at the request of and in partnership with all the communities (kibbutzim and moshavim) in Israel. ReGrow has adopted a strategic, forward-looking approach, focused primarily on medium to long-term agricultural projects. The fund’s key objective is to rebuild back better. It will not only look at rebuilding, but the integration of key new innovations. For this purpose, an innovation taskforce has been established comprising Israel’s leading agricultural scientists, agronomists and agri-tech companies. The fund’s direction will be managed by a tier-one team of renowned Israeli agricultural experts and local leaders, and will be advised by former US Secretary of Agriculture, Dan Glickman. The fund will also collaborate with Israeli agency ‘Tkuma’ to ensure maximum impact.

Please contact us for more information on initiatives in Israel, or if you or your contacts might consider making impactful donations to ReGrow Israel.


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